The Battle Front: Fridge

I mentioned previously that The Hubs and I are a smidge Mars/Venus when it comes to home keeping. He is very clean lines, uncluttered vistas and hidden organization. I am more of a let’s display all the kids’ artwork from school, with a few 100% papers, and a report card, along with 3 birthday party invitations, the reminder about the book fair and a grocery list, because if you want it to happen, I need to look at it everyday, multiple times a day. There is no where in our home that this was more of an issue, than the front of our fridge. I need to have all these things out where I can see them and hung up with magnets that have funsy sayings on them. This sends The Hubs into facial twitches. He tried to compromise by relegating most of my clutter to the side of the fridge in our last house, but that was too out of sight, out of mind for me. Skip foreword to our move to Texas and one of The Hubs’s dreams came true: a stainless steel fridge that isn’t magnetic.


Pay no attention to the funhouse image of he lady in her PJs.

This is the bane of my existence! Where do you display artwork?! The A+ papers?! Event invitations, appointment reminders, fast food coupons?! Finger print issues aside, where do I hang my grocery list?!

Saucily, he suggested that I hang a few of the most important things on the 3 inch strip down the sides of the fridge that are magnetized and not covered up by the built in cabinetry. Yeah, because that’s helpful! You can barely hang a business card there! What about my magnets proclaiming my love for chocolate, sassy retro lady pictures and images of Mary Englebreight whimsy?! Well, one day, while sitting at the kitchen table, grouching to HRH (aka Mom, stay with me now), I looked up and railed, “And look at this side! A whole wasted space of blank wood that I could be hanging stuff on!” And, like a frisbee, it hit me, I had seen on Pinterest a tutorial (OK, like a million different tutorials) on spray painting old cookie sheets and using them as magnet boards.  I could DO that!!! No, really, even I couldn’t screw THAT up, right?

Being new homeowners, we were planning an excursion to Lowe’s and the Dollar Store anyway, so I loaded up the herd and off we went. I grabbed 2 cookie sheets and a pizza pan (because I was feeling zazzy and as a throwback to my Chicago ‘burb roots) from the dollar store. Then, at Lowe’s, I got a can of light blue spray paint, chosen to bring out the blue accents in the fireplace in the family room we are trying to pick up. This was a can of Valspar, that promised it was a paint and primer in one, dried in 30 minutes and would work on metal without sanding. Good deal, because I was excited and didn’t want to waste time sanding.


The cookie sheets and my paint.


The Pizza Pan.

Here is probably a good place to remind you to spray in a well ventilated area. And, maybe wear a particulate mask. I didn’t and my nose was blowing this shade of blue snot for a few days afterwards. Made me super popular with my Ys, but probably not the healthiest. Also, if you don’t have a large drop cloth and are worried about overspray, I recommend spraying in the grass in your backyard. Any overspray will be mowed away the next time your Lawn Boy (or, Girl, or child labor) runs the grass cutter.

I sprayed my first coat very thin and let the sheets dry outside in the Texas heat and humidity for an hour before coming back and doing another one. Despite it’s comfortable spray nozzle, it didn’t live up to it’s “no drip” promise and I got a few splatters on my sheets. No big deal to me, as they would probably be covered up anyway. Another hour goes by, and while the paint was still a tad tacky, I did a third coat anyway, chalking it up to the humidity and not being too concerned, but annoyed that the process was taking longer than promised.


Second coat on the left, still first coat on the right. I sprayed in a left to right pattern the first coat and in an up and down pattern the second, thus ensuring I hit every spot.

I waited several hours before brining them inside, only to discover, they were still sticky. : | I let them sit overnight before hanging with their Command hook and loop strips (have you discovered these?! I am totally addicted!) When I went to pick them up, some of the paint came off the backs where they had touched my counters. : \  This was not supposed to happen. Also, after a few hours of having magnets attached, they peeled paint off the FRONT. >: \ All in all, I guess I should have sanded, even if the can says you don’t have to.


You can really see the spritzes that made splotches on the one on the right. And at the tops where the paint came off from touching my counter.


This really got a crazy amount of scratches on the back.

Anyhooters, I think they turned out great! And as an added bonus, The Hubs even approved! The 9×13 sheets accommodate the construction paper projects well and even kind of give the pictures a framed look. I think that the circle pizza pan brings in a bit of fun and breaks up all the straight lines in that area. Most importantly, I can still see all my important junk from the kitchen table and it’s organized enough that it doesn’t turn The Hubs into Sheldon Cooper trying to solve a magic trick when looking at it. And the whole schmear cost me less then $8, which thrills me to my toes!


Nothing says “Job Well Done” like a look of approval from the cat.

So, I heartily encourage you all to run out and try this yourselves, but sand your pans lightly first.

Now, I must be off, as I am hoping to squeeze a WalMart trip in before heading out this afternoon with HRH, the Queen Mum and the little Ys to a place called The Bargain Barn, here in San Antonio. If I don’t find anything that I can’t live without, I’m sure that Grand Marshalling the Freak Parade will at the very least provide an interesting story for the ‘morrow!

Have a great day!