The Art Of Procrastination

Dear readers, I must confess, this isn’t what I am supposed to be doing right now. Then again, at this time on a Monday, I’m guessing that it’s not what you are supposed to be doing either, so I won’t tell on you, if you won’t tell on me.

I am sitting here in my office, which automatically means productivity, surrounded by my Hungry Girl cookbooks, grocery list, menu card, and I’m blogging. Which is technically getting *something* done, yet, it’s not the menus/grocery list, or the giant pile of laundry that needs washed and the pile that needs folded from last week, and come to think of it, I could really use a quick trip to the Dollar Store (HA! A quick Dollar Store trip with kids! I kill me!), which would enable me to finish a storage tin project for organizing the pantry, which is a total disaster area, and then again maybe I should scout around for the misplaced moving boxes that I know contain the bottoms to all my tupperware lids. . .

The mind literally reels with possibilities when it comes to the things I will do in order to avoid the things I don’t want to do. It’s a wonder I get anything accomplished at all, and this is a fact I should be rewarded for more often. However, as a Domestic Engineer, it doesn’t often work to tell your Work Away Husband, “Umm, the kids got fed, and I cleaned up dog pee today. So what if you only have one more clean t-shirt, you can wear it tomorrow, and I swear on all that is holy, I’ll do a load of whites tomorrow.” The Hubs tends to get a little testy at that. However, if you bring up a project that isn’t finished because he hasn’t completed 2 little steps for almost a month, because HE is procrastinating, he get’s even TESTIER, so it’s just best to keep THAT gem to yourself. Even if it is a project that I did all the work on and want to share with you, Dear Readers, then it’s especially important to keep it to yourself, because it becomes a thing. And by “a thing”, I mean that The Hubs will now use it as a weapon for his own personal gain by saying, “I think you need to be doing some Blog Laundry,” or, “Word Press called, you can get better blog traffic if you dust the blinds.” Hahahahaha . . . he’s H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

So, back to what I *could* be doing today. It’s quarter to 9, so really, the possibilities are endless. I’ve already moved groceries until tomorrow, I have something I can throw together for dinner and no one will notice the lack of shopping. I really *should* make out those menus for the week, or I’ll just be in this same boat tomorrow, so move that back to TO DO. Oh, and that laundry that I didn’t want to fold last night, I need to do that today. Now, I have 3 big projects, finishing the upstairs family room, The Brunette’s bedroom hasn’t been organized, yet, and there are still unopened boxes for his room, and the pantry was unpacked by the Unpackers, who just opened boxes and threw stuff on shelves. And I need to paint my toenails (yes, this is important because the Ys step on my feet CONSTANTLY and polish acts as a small measure of protection against them ripping my toenails off). And of course, I should shower. And The Blonde One needs his meds and to be forced to eat something. At least the weatherman promises more rain today, so I can get out of a trip to the pool.

So, on today’s agenda, we have: menus, laundry, painting toes, medicating child, showering, feeding children (yes, I am going to add that, just so I have something that I am POSITIVE I can cross off), oh, and dinner (so, that’s at least 2 accomplishments I can count on), and possibly one big project that I can cross off the list. Of course, I really could take that sofa table over to HRH’s house and that could count towards working on the family room project. However, she is unpacking boxes of her own and with the way our packers packed, she probably has at least one box of stuff for me to bring back home. Oh, hey! There’s a new Target commercial with that annoying music teacher, I really should get the Ys’ supply lists together and possibly start picking that stuff up while grocery shopping tomorrow.

See, now it’s after 9, and the day is practically almost gone. I should probably go back to editing that list right down to the bare essentials, so I don’t over burden myself. So, medicate child, feed children, fold laundry from last week, and make dinner. Good. Because ‘Good Afternoon America’ is going to have a segment on turning trash to treasure, and I had better be there for that.

So, have a great day! Or, if you are not that ambitious, just have a day!



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  1. The Hubs said,

    July 17, 2012 at 3:51 am

    Well apparently my continual bitching is getting some listeners ;-). Or should I say readers. The problem with your project is that none of the hardware stores carry the correct length of under mount slides. I will promise you and your listeners that I will go online and order them so I can redeem myself with you and your loyal fan base can bask in your craftiness

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